Catching Up On These Last Couple Weeks…

We’ve been busy. For the last three weeks in a row we’ve made the five hour trip down to our homestead and got to work. We go down, do as much as we can, and make the five hour trip to Illinois and get back to working for a paycheck. We’ve only been able to be down at the homestead for two or three days at a time, so filling that time with as many projects as possible is the most cost-effective way to plan our trips, but it sure had been tiring…and so worth it. 

First off, we finally did a little tour of the inside our tiny home, and got electricity hooked up. You can watch that here.

After that we had to make a plan for some pests that had to be stopped. We have a plethora of biting flies buzzing around throughout our days. We decided to make a trap for them. 

The theory is the black ball hanging underneath heats up in the sunshine. Biting flies are attracted to the heat that radiates from the host they want to bite. Female biting flies, like mosquitos, need blood to create the next generation of monsters. So, when the fly senses the heat from the ball, she lands on the ball, realizes it’s not the food source she was hoping, and flies away. When the fly takes off, she has to fly straight up. From the ball she will get lost in the screen and keep flying up until she makes it through the funnel on top and gets stuck in the jar.

It works. Just after an hour sitting in the sun we caught a couple different types of biting flies.

Now that we didn’t have to worry about swatting at these pests all day, we started on our plumbing. We laid out our whole water line in pex piping, and added our “T” connectors for most of our faucets and the toilet. 

Loosely laid out. When everything is connected we’ll fasten it to the walls and get it all covered.

Last week when we went down we squeezed every drop out of every minute that we could. We got to the cabin, switched on the AC and left to pick up a uhaul truck. In a six hour span we picked up two ibc totes to hold our water, picked up our gutters, some pvc, conduit to bury our electric cable and some 2×4’s to build a little ladder to get into the loft. We took all that back to the cabin and then had to return the truck 40 miles away and pick up our car and drive home. Exhausting…

The next day we woke up early and got right to work. It was a bit of a learning curve, but we finished the first side of gutters just before it started raining. We wanted to slope the gutters to the back so our rain water went right to the totes. The gutters worked,but we had to take a break while the test rain was at full force. Later in the afternoon we finished the other side of the cabin, and it went much faster than the first side. We finished all the gutters from the front of the cabin to the down spout connection before we ran out of light. And just as I was examining the work done, I saw my first deer run across our property maybe 50 feet behind the cabin, into the creek. 

After the sun went down we went inside and built our little ladder and tested out the loft. It’s a little short, we’ll have to crouch to get into bed but it is tall enough that it will be comfortable.

Now we have the gutters loosely connected to the totes so that while we are away, whatever rain water we collect will be able to help us rinse and sanitize the totes (hopefully they are full when we get down there next week). When we left last week, we had a guy starting on the septic system, he finished that on Friday. It’s all starting to come along. 

When we go down this week we will start connecting all of the drains inside to the septic tank and have the faucets hooked up to the water line. Hopefully we will have the whole water line finished and the whole drain system intact so we can start collecting and filtering water and see how everything works. I definitely think we can be finished in the next two weeks and get planned to move in. Wish us luck…no…wish us speed and energy! 😆

I’ll have more pictures and I’m sure more updates in the next couple days. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to follow our blog and leave some comments. Like us on facebook here, and subscribe to our youtube when you watch the tiny home tour.



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