Hello Everyone!  My name is Anthony Kraft.  My partner’s name is Jesse and we have been dreaming of starting a self-sustained homestead for the past seven years now.  Recently we were able to purchase eight acres in Missouri and our dream is finally starting to take root.  We will be documenting every step of what it takes to build our homestead, from day one – all our successes and failures – and want to create a space our readers can share their stories and advice.

We have a small portable cabin that is just about 600 square feet.  All of our indoor plumbing will be supplied by a rainwater catchment system, and we have a year-round creek that runs through our property that we will be utilizing.  We have plans for raising and growing all of our food, and providing food for the community around us.  We will be starting from scratch, building our own chicken coops and pig pens and fencing around our whole homestead.  There are plenty of tasks to keep up busy for years to come.

And that seems to be the most exciting part from the beginning; waking up, every morning, with something that has to get done today.  Our main motivation is to give back to the community around us, and the planet that has provided so much for us already – and that so many take for granted.  We have done small urban gardens in backyards and really enjoy watching our vegetables grow from tiny seeds to baskets of tomatoes and cucumbers.  Now, with eight acres, we are excited to see the opportunities the future has in store.

We hope you will follow along and join us in this journey of our homestead, built from scratch.  Some of the topics you can expect to see will be centered around building a self-sustained property: raising chickens for eggs and meat, raising cattle, pigs, goats, turkeys and rabbits, mulching and composting for the garden, tips and tricks for growing vegetables, financial aspects of homesteading (because homesteading is not free), recipes and around-the-cabin topics, random tasks and hobbies to keep us busy and more.   We are excited to share our experiences with you, so you can use these methods to grow your own food, and we look forward to learning from the homesteading community and readers around the world.









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